When You Want to Save Someone


I know you need love
I know the worst side of you
I know you don’t mean to hurt people
That’s all you know

So you say
All I need is someone to mend it all
Someone who won’t let me fall

You swear you’re a beast
You swear you’re a mistake
You swear you will never be loved

So you, you resort to the only thing you know
Poison, the thing that will kill
Will alter you to the point
People don’t recognize who you are

You say
No one gets me no one can hear me scream
To the point of no breath
No one can see me being pulled at every thread
Breaking, tearing

You try your best to keep going
To keep fighting the darkness that is surrounding you
The only choice decision
Is to keep going, to keep being the person
Who people say you should be
You want to speak
But something keeps you filled with fear 

You say
People don’t care
They don’t see I’m breaking to the point
That I’m going to quit
No matter what people say
It just gets me sadder

I know how you feel because I’m you
But hey, it doesn’t matter