Thoughts on Giving Tuesday

By Molly Hollibaugh, Alternatives’ Volunteer Board of Directors

The first time I heard about Giving Tuesday, I was taken aback. I was like, I already give on other days of the year – now there is a special day for me to do it again?

But then I thought a little more about it. Here we are wrapping up a weekend of retail shopping craziness (and the online craziness of Cyber Monday) and embarking on the start of the Season of… wait for it … yup giving. It’s the season of giving.

On Giving Tuesday we bring focus to the people in this world that need a little extra help – people like those Alternatives serves. I know that even a small gift can contribute to their overall success. Giving Tuesday reminds me of the role I can take, knowing that I am one of those members of the community fortunate enough to be able to give.

Since I’ve been involved with Alternatives, I have been honored to meet many of the individuals with disabilities the organization serves all over Worcester County. It amazes me that although these individuals are faced with so many struggles, when I see them they are, time and time again, greeting me with a smile.

It is those smiles that make me realize how powerful and meaningful the support is. And the awesome thing about seeing smiles is it is hard to not smile back. So no matter what other donations I make throughout the year, I accept the challenge of giving on this day as well.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts on Giving Tuesday.

Follow this link to learn more about how you too can give.