There are many ways to make a contribution to Alternatives and we have outlined just a few below. Still have questions? Contact Karen Goldenberg at Kar[email protected] or 508-266-6544.

Donate Online

Your tax-deductible support enables us to continue helping individuals with disabilities build successful lives in the community – lives that include real homes, real jobs, and real relationships. It also sends a powerful message – that you truly value the contribution people with disabilities make in the communities in which they live and work.

We are proud of the fact that 90% of all the money we raise goes directly to fund services. So, you can be sure that your investment in Alternatives will pay dividends for the people we serve.

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Gifts of Cash and Securities

These are usually tax-deductible, whether given outright or as a pledge payable within five years. In most cases, you may deduct the fair market value and so avoid capital gains tax.

Gifts of Real Estate

The donation of residential or commercial real estate may help avoid capital gains tax (with some exceptions on primary residences). In certain circumstances, you may transfer a portion of the property before the sale and so avoid capital gains taxes on that gift portion.

Gifts of Retirement Fund Assets

Naming Alternatives a beneficiary of a retirement fund is an uncomplicated way of giving, requiring only that you submit a beneficiary form to your Fund Administrator.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Naming Alternatives the beneficiary or owner of your life insurance policy, is another simple way of both making a donation and avoiding federal estate tax.

Planned Gifts

There are few gifts as thoughtful as those that ensure the continuation of the mission of Alternatives after your lifetime. All of the above assets may be bequeathed to Alternatives in your will, as well as other valuable property such as artwork and jewelry. Reduced estate taxes are an added advantage. Of course, a will that is already made may be easily modified through a codicil.

Creating an Annuity

An annuity is simply a contract in which Alternatives agrees to pay you and your family or any other beneficiary you choose a fixed income for life. It allows you to support the important work of Alternatives significantly while ensuring a steady income for those you love.

Creating a Trust

There are several types of charitable trusts that allow donors to both provide for their families and make significant gifts to Alternatives. Some are designed to provide income during one’s lifetime, while others provide income to the charity first while preserving principal for one’s heirs. A trust enables a donor to transfer wealth to children, to educate grandchildren or to provide for other loved ones while supporting Alternatives’ mission.

How Can I Best Give?

No matter what your situation or your stage in life, we can help you determine the best way to make a gift to Alternatives. We will explain the process to you thoroughly, make your part in it worry-free, and work to ensure that you receive the most generous tax deductions possible.