Become a Member of Club 21

The social group where you can “change lives by having fun!”

Club 21 is made up of approximately 10 adults with developmental disabilities or mental health issues plus an equal number of nondisabled adults from the community.

Is Club 21 right for you?
Do you enjoy building friendships with diverse new people? Do you need an excuse to make time in your busy schedule for some badly needed fun? Are you interested in getting to know more about what your community has to offer? Are you hoping to make a difference in someone’s life? If your answer is yes, so is ours!BV

What’s the commitment?
Club 21 members meet twice a month- once with their partner and once with other members in a small group or with the whole club- to enjoy activities such as picnics, watching a ball game, or sharing a hobby. The total time commitment is about 5 hours a month. At whole –club gatherings, the Club 21 Coordinator will help you plan your next adventures.

Who are the Club 21 partners?
Club 21 partners are like you: they want to meet new people and get out in their community.
Your only role is to enjoy mutual friendships! If you have a car, you may be asked if you can transport your partner, but this is not required.

Stories & Testimonials

“My partner and I have become true friends and best buddies. We share many laughs!”

“My favorite thing to do is go to the beach with my partner. Before the day is out, we are already planning the next time we can get together.”

Featured Profile: Nancy Heck and Beth Caico

Everyone enjoys having a good friend, someone who shares our interests, someone to laugh with and to confide in. By becoming members of Club 21, Beth Caico and Nancy Heck have found just that. Read more.

For more information about Club 21 South County & Worcester, contact:
Dana Chalberg, Club 21 Coordinator
508-799-9432×5913/ [email protected]

Click here to learn about potential partners in Worcester!


For more information about Club 21 North County, contact:
Claudia Best, Club 21 Coordinator
508-740-1831/ [email protected]

Click here to learn about potential partners in the North County!


For more information about Club 21 Blackstone Valley, contact:
Kathy Lyons, Club 21 Coordinator
508-266-6533/ [email protected]