What will the next forty years bring? You can help answer the question!

For four decades, Alternatives has been bringing people of all abilities together – as neighbors, co-workers and friends.
Community support – your support – has enabled us to grow from serving just 26 individuals to giving
1200 people a
year the chance to build a better life. 

Our early years were focused on bringing people out of terrible conditions in state hospital wards into the community.
Over time, our attention turned to ensuring that those individuals would have real opportunities for community membership. 

In this our 40th year, we are asking you to help us start the next forty off right.  Below, you’ll find stories of just
a few of the individuals who have been given
the chance to succeed because of their courage and your generosity.
Please consider making a donation to this year’s Community Campaign, so that more men and women like
Terri, Christine and Kim can
fulfill their hopes and dreams.

Your donation can help shape the future of hundreds of your neighbors. With your help, Alternatives’ services can
continue to evolve – to change as the world changes, so that the people we serve will have the tools they need to face
the challenges ahead.  

 Thank you for caring.


Mary Ellen Larkin-Root
Volunteer Board Chair

 P.S. Did you know that 90% of the funds we raise directly support our critical services?  We’re very proud of that statistic!

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