by Jon Frieswick

One day in Cambridge, Massachusetts, there were two doctors. They were making a drug to cure all diseases everywhere in the world, from the common cold to cancer. One day Dr. Frank went to work. He saw the door was broken down, and everything was a big mess.

All of a sudden he realized what had happened! Someone had ransacked the building and took all the paperwork. Everything they needed to finish the vaccine was gone!

There was a note. It said, “Meet me at the South Station Train Station in Boston.”

Dr. Frank called the other doctor, Dr. John.

He said “Come in quickly, we have a case on our hands.”

Dr. John rushed to work but there was a lot of traffic.

Dr. Frank called him and asked, “Where are you?”

Dr. John said, “Stuck in traffic.”

So Dr. Frank got on the train by himself. A little down the line, Dr John got on the train. In a quiet wooden place he got on the train. He asked the conductor what room Dr. Frank was in.

“Room number seven,” the conductor replied.

Dr. John opened the compartment door; Dr. Frank was dead on the floor!

A little while later Dr. John went to dinner with a friend. He invited Dr. John to the table and they talked about the drug. The friend said there would be a box with a clue located in Worcester.

When the train stopped in Worcester Dr. John found the box aboard the train. The clue that was hidden inside, was a note.

The note said, “Ride the train to Hopedale. In Hopedale there is a big mill. Go and find me. If you’re late the mill and the drug will go up in flames.”

Dr. John rushed to the mill. He picked the lock and went in. He heard a ticking noise and he followed it. He opened a closet and there to his delight was a big crate. On top of the crate was the bomb. He defused the bomb and opened the crate. All the paperwork was there. Everything was there!

He went around the mill and found a secret compartment. He searched, and searched for a way to open it. He found a button and pushed it open. The perpetrator was in there.

Dr. John used his cell and called the cops. The bad guy went to jail, with the cops. Dr. John took the crates and went back to his office in Cambridge. He made the vaccine. No more colds! No more cancer! Everyone was cured and they all lived happily ever after.