Our CBFS Team

Our CBFS Team

Everyone who chooses to enter Alternatives’ CBFS Services will have a variety of CBFS staff members to partner with as he or she progresses in the recovery journey.

A Program Coordinator and Counselor will develop a trusting connection with individuals served and will be their main partners in coordinating the involvement of people chosen to participate on their support team. They will also be the primary people assisting in the development and implementation of rehabilitation and recovery goals.

A Clinician will be available to support each individual and others on his or her team to ensure that clinical supports sufficiently meet the person’s needs and preferences. They will also work with the individual to assess details of his or her life experience in order to assist in prioritizing goal areas to focus on each year.

A Peer Support Worker will be available to help advocate for the individual served as well as providing him or her with support that only a person who also has a lived experience of mental illness can offer.

A Nurse will work with the individual and his or her support team to ensure that any health and wellness needs, concerns and goals are addressed.

An Employment and Community Connector will help identify goals related to working, volunteering and getting more connected to the community.

A Rehabilitation Quality Manager will assist the individual and all of his or her team members to ensure that updates on the individual’s experience and progress occur annually at minimum and that the goals established match his or her needs, hopes and dreams to the fullest extent.