Employment Services

Skills for success – choosing, getting and keeping a real job

Employment Services

At Alternatives, we believe that meaningful employment, a real job, is an important part of a successful life. We also believe that everyone, including people with disabilities, should strive towards employment that matches their skills, job readiness and, most importantly, their preferences. To accomplish these goals, Alternatives Employment Services provides career planning, skill development, interview training, resume preparation, job coaching and on-the-job training to individuals with developmental disabilities in the Worcester, Blackstone Valley and South Norfolk areas.

To accommodate each individual’s skills and interests, we offer a wide variety of employment options:

Individual Placements

Alternatives staff work to develop and support individual competitive employment placements that effectively match employer needs with the person’s interests and abilities. Examples of community settings in which people served by Alternatives have been employed include the Radisson Hotel, Shaw’s Supermarkets, EMC Corporation, Star Solutions, Bonsai Tree Service and Laughlin Kennels.

Community-Based Work Teams

Under the supervision of Alternatives staff, small teams of individuals provide a variety of services to companies including cleaning, warehouse, and factory work. Work-team sites have included DiPlacido Development Corporation, WalMart, Ward Processing, Automated Emblem and Easy-Day Manufacturing.

Self-Employment Opportunities

Individuals are supported in their efforts to secure and maintain self-employment positions. Dog walking, home pet care, landscaping and snow removal are among the many self-employment opportunities that have been successfully pursued.

Volunteer Positions

We encourage individuals who work part time, or who are between jobs, to participate in volunteer experiences. Volunteering can help develop or strengthen practical job skills and social skills, while providing the satisfaction of knowing you are performing a valuable community service. Volunteer sites have included Maples Nursing Home, Hebron Food Pantry, Balmer School, and Meals on Wheels.

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