Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Alternatives’ wide range of clinical services and supports ensures that each individual’s physical, emotional, psychological and medical needs are met in a timely and comprehensive fashion.

Our Developmental Disabilities Service Team consists of Senior Managers and staff, our RN Health and Wellness Coordinator, Program Nurses, and Quality Improvement Managers. Together this team screens referrals, provides safeguard monitoring and appropriate interventions, coordinates quality improvement, collaborates with health care providers, and offers a variety of health and wellness resources, programs, consultation, and training.

In addition, Alternatives has access to licensed consultants in a number of disciplines including: Speech and Language, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Community Nursing, Social Work, Psychology, Psychiatry and Rehabilitation.

A monthly clinic at Alternatives’ Hopedale offices also provides direct access to a licensed psychiatrist for medication management and individually tailored consultation.

In addition, Alternatives works with local mental health clinics to give those we serve access to the psychiatric and counseling services they require.

Alternatives has the capacity to perform third-party billing in conjunction with our licensed provider affiliates.