Issue I: Poetry

Eclipse by Nancy Heck
On a cloudy day
the sun hides its face
it seems without a trace
but never really goes away…


Euphoria and Her Blessed Black Gown by Luke Knowles
Euphoria has been kind to me
She visits me now and then
Riding on a black horse from a point so far West that the sun never goes there
She is most comfortable there
Where duty and time cannot see her…


New Year’s Resolutions by Nancy Heck
We are now in wintertime
and so I write my latest rhyme
I have lots of goals to reach
with much to learn and also teach…


Resilience by Michael Seibold
Each day, arising to the possibilities jumbled before me, flying by, fast and noisy,
I wish I could, I wish I could, be bold.
Step out of my fear, step away from all the “negatives,”
and walk into a better place, a civil place with accepting space and feel to it; where I could find some peace, and maybe something I’d like to do,
like helping others, or just conversation . ..


Untitled by Joanne Johnson
Whenever I look into your eyes
Eyes that cannot look back
It makes me realize that it is not
Communication that you lack…


Untitled by Timothy Thibodeau
One day Clint Eastwood’s son Kyle Eastwood got together some local fans to start a football game when all of a sudden the fans screamed pig pile on Kyle. When he got up to go to his Jeep weeping as he went he yelled out his window that football is real leather but it’s not worth fighting for…


War and Rain by TMBB
I took the west road
You took the east
I bled for the chaos
While you fought for peace
We came full circle
We bore the scars
We walked for so long
We came so far…


When You Want to Save Someone by TMBB
I know you need love
I know the worst side of you
I know you don’t mean to hurt people
That’s all you know…