New Year’s Resolutions

by Nancy Heck


We are now in wintertime

and so I write my latest rhyme

I have lots of goals to reach

with much to learn and also teach

To be kind and loving to family and friends

for love and friendship never ends!

I’ll try my best to stay well and healthy

Knowing that others’ love makes me wealthy

To keep my house all tidy and clean

to never be petty or spiteful or mean

I will reach out a helping hand

to let others know I understand

To keep busy and active and stable

to be as good a person as I am able

I plan to attend all my activities

and give my all for myself to please

I’ll read books and do lots of writing

making my life more fun and exciting!

To make the most of my time apart

from family and friends

they are in my heart

and lots of other stuff to do

to be a good person, loyal and true



Nancy D. Heck