by Dirk Fuller

In 1984 there was a rock and roll band called Midnight Moon. They were like Kiss, they wore makeup. Their makeup colors are black and white, blue and red. Their names are Tom Anderson, John Bosley, Jessie Stone, Caleb Ancher. They are going to record an album. They were playing.

The group met when they were kids. John Bosley and Jessie Stone met in 1977 when they were little kids. They also met Tom Anderson and Caleb Ancher while they were little kids also. Tom Anderson and Caleb Ancher, said to John Bosley and Jessie Stone, “We want to have you in our band” so they said to them “Okay.” Tom Anderson and John Bosley went on a vacation.

They were little kids. Then they wrote songs. They are singing on the album. Caleb Ancher and Jessie Stone wrote the most songs on the album. Then Tom Anderson wrote a solo. They name their album Midnight Moon. They are going to go on tour. They were kids and a new band. Despite this their concerts were very good.

All four were still in high school and they wanted to spend time with their friends. So they quit music to focus on school. When they finished school they went back to music.

John Bosley wrote a song. He sang 10 songs on their new album Midnight Moon 2. Caleb Ancher sang lead on the album. They all sing parts on their second album. Tom Anderson and Caleb Ancher are producing their album. Also John Bosley and Jessie Stone are producing the album too. All of them play a part in the production of Midnight Moon 2. Tom Anderson and Caleb Ancher asked John Bosley and Jessie stone they could hire the best team ever for us. They were a great group and they became even more famous than Kiss!