Fast Facts About Alternatives

  1. Mission Statement

    Alternatives’ mission is to provide the necessary skills and supports so each individual can be successful and satisfied in the settings of his or her choice with maximum use of community networks.

  1. Vision

    Real Jobs + Real Homes + Real Relationships = Satisfaction

  1. Recovery/Discovery Vision

    Human Resilience + Opportunities for Meaningful Roles = A New Life Purpose

  2. Geographic Footprint

    Alternatives provides services through a network of 60 different programs across Central MA, covering all of Worcester County as well as communities in Norfolk County.

  1. Population Served

    On any given day, Alternatives serves an estimated 1,500 adults with developmental or psychiatric disabilities through our residential, employment and day programs.

    Alternatives is a closed referral provider, meaning that the first step in receiving services in being referred either through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health or Massachusetts Department of Developmental Disability Services.