Euphoria and Her Blessed Black Gown

by Luke Knowles

Euphoria has been kind to me
She visits me now and then
Riding on a black horse from a point so far West that the sun never goes there
She is most comfortable there
Where duty and time cannot see her
Only to ride out and visit someone
She can’t stand the sun
The symbol of must dos and must haves and shall nots
In the sea of benevolent darkness
She dines with her beloved sister
Oblivion eats bland biscuits
And drinks warm water
With such a sibling why does Euphoria intrigue me so?

Euphoria brings no gift
She’s no gift in herself
The feelings from her meetings
Are products of what we bring to the table
All she is, all she knows, is a ghost from beyond the edge of the world
What we feel in her presence
Is our choice not hers

She is looking at me now
A half smirk half smile shows her amusement
And knowing she is pleased is somehow gratifying
As it is to look at a night with no stars and to know they are still there
Her gown streams behind her
Billowing, pointing in the direction that I must ride
It is the opposite direction that she rides in
But I smile too
And spur my horse away
Knowing that there is far more to life than Euphoria
and her blessed black gown.