Real Jobs

Jobs not only can help pay the bills, they provide opportunities to meet new people, apply acquired skills and learn new ones. Having a job is an important experience for anyone, and it can be a particularly significant milestone for an individual with a disability.

Hiring individuals served by Alternatives is also beneficial for employers. Companies gain loyal, eager workers who are excited to be part of the greater community and who genuinely want to do their jobs well. It is a win-win for all involved! And, it’s not just corporations who can profit from their enthusiasm. Community organizations looking for committed volunteers also benefit. The people Alternatives serves are eager to make a contribution to their community.

Kim’s Story

From being supported, to supporting others – Kim is a true success story. Served by Alternatives’ Worcester Mental Health Services office, she has made so much progress in the last several years that she was recently recognized with an Achievement Award at our Annual Thank You Reception.

What made her worthy of this honor? She’s been able to transition from living in a group home to living in her own apartment. She successfully completed our Employment Academy, gaining the tools needed to obtain and maintain a job.  After honing her skills at a volunteer placement, Kim was ready to tackle a paid position.  Not only did she find work, but she’s become a valued member of the team at the retirement home she’s been employed at for the last 2 ½ years. Read on. 

Other Stories of Success

Christine’s Story

Christine is that person – the one you want to be around. Read

Jim’s Story

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Donald’s Story

“Donald faces life’s challenges with both enthusiasm and a sense of humor that we can all learn from.” Read

Everett’s Story

“This job has really helped him to develop a sense of self-confidence, purpose and to be more responsible in general.” Read

Patrick’s Story

At the Academy, Patrick improved his interviewing skills and got real world job experience. Read

Kathy’s Story

“I am proud to say that I am much more independent and have my ‘own’ life.” Read

Ross’s Story

Ross got a second chance at life…and Alternatives has helped him make the most of it. Read

Real Jobs

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