Sean Bissonnette

Sean on his way to class.                      

Sean Bissonnetts’s future is looking bright. In the past year, he’s moved out of a group home and into his very own apartment. After several unsuccessful attempts, he’s actively pursuing his GED and applying to colleges. He’s also holding down a part-time job.

Growing up with epilepsy, as well as emotional and attention issues, hasn’t been easy for Sean. But Alternatives was able to give Sean the support he needed to help get his life back on track. In fact, he has come so far in the last few years that people have started to see him as a role model.

Last fall, at Alternatives’ Annual Thank You Reception, we presented Sean with a “Leadership Award” in recognition of all the hard work he’s done. Because in the past, it had always seemed like the focus was on Sean’s problems, he was surprised and delighted to finally be recognized for what he had accomplished. He says, “I’m not the kind of person who gets surprised easily. But, when I found out I was going to receive a “Leadership Award,” I was literally shocked.”

But Sean’s mother wasn’t surprised when she heard the news about the award. She told Sean, “You are a leader because you strive for perfection and don’t stop even when you reach your goals.”

“Hearing her say that made me feel great,” said Sean.