Nancy Heck and Beth Caico

“Friends at first sight,” Beth Caico (left) with her Club 21 partner, Nancy Heck.

Everyone enjoys having a good friend, someone who shares our interests, someone to laugh with and to confide in. By becoming members of Club 21, Beth Caico and Nancy Heck have found just that.

Alternatives’ Club 21 partners people with and without disabilities, enabling members to meet new people and take advantage of all their community has to offer by participating in a variety of fun activities. Nancy, who is supported by Alternatives’ services, liked the sound of that. “I was really in need of a good friend,” she says, remembering the day she first heard about the Club.

Beth’s motivation for getting involved was not so different. She learned about Club 21 at a business networking event. The introduction came at a time when her children were going off to college and she had newfound time on her hands. “I saw it has an opportunity to give back, but more than that, as a chance to expand my own social network.”

Through the Club, Beth and Nancy get out into the community and enjoy the types of activities they both admit they “wouldn’t do alone and hadn’t had the chance to do in years.” Exploring new restaurants, performing at open-mic nights, and taking jewelry making classes are just a few of the things Nancy and Beth do together, and sometimes with other Club 21 partners.

Every partner pair meets twice a month, once on their own, and again either with other partners for “posse adventures” or with the full group for “whole Club gatherings.” There’s a Club Coordinator who helps to organize Club activities and is a resource for pairs planning their next meet-ups.

Beth and Nancy have been partners and members of Club 21 for over two years. Though quick to laugh and joke, it’s a relationship they both value and take seriously. They even celebrate the anniversary of the day they became, as they put it, “friends at first sight.”

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