Glenn Hirschhorn

“Glenn’s life, qualitatively, has been saved.”

For a long time, it seemed as though finding a home in the community where Glenn Hirschhorn would thrive was an elusive dream. After many unsuccessful community placements, Glenn spent six years on a locked hospital ward before his life journey took a much more positive turn. Alternatives’ staff evaluated Glenn at the hospital and determined that, despite his multiple developmental disabilities and mental illness, in the proper setting and with the right support he was ready to return to community life. And, they were right.

Today, Glenn lives in an Alternatives’ home in Wrentham with four other people, volunteers in the community and works part-time. For his parents, the transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. His mother, Madeleine, says “This is a bird that was set free and released from a cage… Glenn’s life, qualitatively, has been saved.” Knowing that their son finally has a place where he “fits,” a place where people understand his needs and can help him grow, has given the Hirschhorns a gift no amount of money can buy: peace of mind.

Below is a video of Glenn’s Story: