Deb Scanlon

Dedicated volunteer, enthusiastic worker, Tai Chi practitioner, accomplished artist. That’s Deb!

Deb really enjoys being out and about. Through Alternatives’ Wrentham Employment Services for people with developmental disabilities, she’s part of a cleaning and landscaping crew. When the program was recently honored for a decade of service delivering Meals on Wheels to homebound seniors, Deb was right there accepting the award.

As a resident at an Alternatives home Foxboro, she’s an enthusiastic participant in all of the home’s community activities. She looks forward to attending a weekly Tai Chi class and, this summer, happily helped tend a town garden.

But, the activity closest to her heart is her artwork. She’s been taking lessons at a local studio for eight years and, over time, she’s made steady progress. This year, when she began working on portraits something really clicked. In fact, the instructor was so impressed she invited Deb to exhibit with other artists in a show at the studio. And, you know what? Her art sold!

We’re excited for Deb and so pleased that Alternatives could help her build this very full life.