Christine McCarthy

“Christine is that person – the one you want to be around.”

In the six years since Christine joined Alternatives’ Blackstone Valley Employment Service for people with developmental disabilities, she’s developed quite the reputation. A reputation for being a great worker with a fantastic attitude!

Christine calls herself “a busy girl,” and she’s not kidding. Twice a week she works at Polyfoam, doing packaging and assembly work. She’s also employed at the Salvation Army consignment store three days a week. In her spare time (what spare time?), she volunteers at the Blessing Barn in Mendon, enjoys acting and singing, and watching Japanese cartoons. Did we mention she served on Alternatives’ Board of Directors?

What makes Christine so special is the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every activity. When the supervisor at Polyfoam noticed that on some days production was up for the Alternatives’ work crew, he soon tracked down the common denominator. Those were the days Christine was at work. Not only did she work hard herself, she inspired others to up their game.

Christine recently entered a new phase in her life, living in her own apartment. She’s pretty excited to be spreading her wings and we’re pretty sure she’ll be flying high.