40 Years Together

Community Life for People of All Abilities

Real Homes. Real Jobs. Real Relationships.

Historically, many people with developmental or psychiatric disabilities have lived lives of isolation. “Community Life for People of All Abilities” is a unique, collaborative model that involves breaking down long-standing attitudinal barriers facing the disabled by bringing people of all abilities together through inclusive activities. We’ve found that that when people come together around shared interests, differences disappear! To this end, Alternatives hosts and sponsors events throughout the year such as plays, art shows, and free summer concerts for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

Real homes, real jobs and real relationships are the most significant ways to measure the success of the Community Life Model. These are fundamental needs that can only be realized through a supportive, involved community that provides opportunities for people with disabilities through loving homes, meaningful employment and enduring friendships.

In each of the sections, Real Homes, Real Jobs, and Real Relationships, you’ll find stories highlighting the many ways the people we serve are enjoying the rights and accepting the responsibilities of community membership: participating by choice, contributing ones talents and reciprocating without keeping count. If you think about it, this is a high standard for all of us – and a way to build a stronger community for everyone.

Have you heard of  one of Alternatives’ newest projects? 
Experience Expression is an online literary magazine written and edited in partnership by individuals we serve, staff and friends of the organization. Because in this day age, we’d be forgetting something if we left the online community out of “Community Life.” Read it, enjoy it, share it.