Our agency is leading the way in providing innovative, community-based services for individuals with disabilities. In many ways, it is in thanks to the caring and competent people at the helm!

Board of Directors

We are fortunate to have an experienced and knowledgeable volunteer board of directors whose members come from all parts of the community. A team fully committed to the future of Alternatives and to the people we serve, our Board is a unique and special resource furthering Alternatives’ mission.

Mary Ellen Larkin Root, Chair
Affiliation: Solid Benefits Group, LLC

David Przesiek, Vice Chair
Affiliation: Fallon Community Health Plan

Daniel Girard, Treasurer
Affiliation: Girard Financial Group

Molly Hollibaugh, Secretary/Clerk
Affiliation: Zentangle

Michael Smith
Affiliation: Business Consultant

Guru Simran Kaur Khalsa-Bob
Affiliation: Self-Advocate, Alternatives

Tyler Fovel
Affiliation: Strategic Alternatives

David Bunker
Affiliation: Gould & Ettenberg, P.C.

Todd Gleason
Affiliation: Hinkley Allen

Nafie Saba-Shapazian
Affiliation: MedStar Ambulance

Kevin Hunt
Affiliation: The Worcester Restaurant Group

Dennis H. Rice
Affiliation: Executive Director, Alternatives