Community Life For People Of All Abilities

A warm and comfortable home. A satisfying and purposeful job. Friends you can rely on. Thanks to the help and support of Alternatives, hundreds of Central Massachusetts residents with psychiatric or developmental disabilities are leading full and successful lives within their communities- lives that include real homes, real jobs and real relationships.For 40-years, we have been committed to offering not just superior services, but real opportunities for people of all abilities to live, work and learn together.

40 Years Together

Founded in 1976, Alternatives has helped individuals of all abilities to live fully in their communities for more than 40 years.
Real Homes
Real Homes

With Alternatives’ support, Gail and others are able to take on the responsibilities and reap the rewards of being a valued member of a family, a roommate, or a neighbor. Read more.

Real Jobs
Real Jobs

Having a fulfilling job is important for anyone, and it can be a particularly significant milestone for someone with a disability. Jim can attest, and so can many others! Read more.

Real Relationships
Real Relationships

Companionship is something we all need and want. Helping people make connections and develop long-lasting friendships, as Nancy has, is an integral part of our mission. Read more.

Bringing People Together

Through year-round events, we’re bringing people of all abilities together to enjoy the arts, celebrate the culture of the Valley, and build an inclusive and prosperous future for all. Read more.

Ways You Can Help
Ways To Help

Across Central Massachusetts, the people we serve are enjoying tremendous successes because of community support – your support. Read more.

Community Conversations
Valley Bag Toss

Join us for a four part series that will break down myths surrounding mental illness and promote better understanding of issues impacting young adults. Read more.